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The struggle is real.

So, the struggle is real.

After i graduate, leaving Jatinangor and back to Bekasi everyhting's change. Totally change. I don't even know myself anymore, which is super weird. I'm losing some of people who always be with me.  Who i can call at 2am and immediately come. Who i can share my real feeling and make me heal suddenly. Who i can tell about my bullshit things. Who i can mock when i dont feel good that day, but still stay with me even i let out my harsh word to them. Who i can critisize without feeling afraid that they'll hate me. The thing is even i do have a lot of problems back then, i always feeling so blessed. Maybe it is all because people around me.
I wish that i could turn back the time. But i know that would be impossible.
Life is moving,so are we.
When i said the struggle is real, I mean i just realize that i don't know what i wanna do. I even confuse about my real passion. People are so booming about working with their passion or build up a startup …

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