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Its been a really long time for me not writing in this blog.

It'll be about my graduation moment.
That day, when u can see ur parents smiling because how proud they are to you.
That feel, when u finish the graduation ceremony, and you turn ur back and find ur parents already looking at you and giving you a big thumbs up for you and hugs u immediately.
That feel, when you're out from the building ceremony and find out that ur brother and sister already waiting for you right at the stairs outside the building with a big of flowers.
That feel, when ur colleague from college already waiting for you...
That feel, when ur boyfriend jumping and waving his hand to the air giving you a sign that he's there already waiting for you with a bunch of flowers and a super big teddybear (this is really embarrased me a bit actually haha) and then giving u the biggest smile and hug cause he's proud of you.
That feel, when ur bestfriend comes and sacrifice their times just to come for you…

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