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2018. A few resolution.

The year is changing again. Its 2018 now. I need to make a move. A year has been through with nothing. I feel a lot of things happen in a good way but also in a bad way. I’m not telling that i’m doing wrong or regretting things that I’ve been doing in 2017. But, I just feel unsatisfied this year. Feel like this isn’t me.   I always try to feel bless with everything happened to me. But I realize that I’m not doing my best this past few month. And it turn out to be only feeling bless is not good enough for me.
2018, is a new start for me. This year I try to make a few resolution, which I never made it before. I always thought that whether we have a resolution or not it would be the same. But then someone reminds me to make a resolution and tell me “kenapa tdk membuat saja? toh dimatamu membuat atau tidak akan sama saja. Kamu tdk pernah membuat hal itu sblmnya, dan hasilnya seperti ini cobalah membuat bbrp toh tidak akan ada bedanya dimatamu” and I finallly try to make some….

Which I w…

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